Hey you! So this is my blog, I write many stories related to my complicated life. Well, it is not that I’m unhappy with my life, but sometimes I think I cant handle the mess that I have created. I guess by writing it down here, it could release the pain inside.

Owya, my name is Jhanty S.O. I am almost 30 years old. I am married. My husband is several years older than I. We both live in Surabaya. No, no children yet. I got miscarriage a year ago, and it made both of us devastated. But I dont like to talk about that.

Yak that’s all! Sok lah, silahkan monggo say-hai say-hello or anything in this page!


3 Responses to “Buku Tamu”

  1. Andreina said


    gak sangka gw, lu sampe nekat membongkar bobrok aib lu disindang! hahaha… ya udah lah, keep on bloging ye! biar gw di jakarta bisa tetep tau perkembangan idup lu tu kyk apa!

  2. jhanty said

    Eh brisik aja sih ni ondel-ondel jakarte! :-* kangen deh ndre ma kamu!

  3. aDhiNi said

    hey hoy! Ih, aku suka baca2 tulisanmu. Gaya penulisannya mirip sama si mbak Wig yahh.. Apa karena sehati? kekekekk

    Eniwe, salam kenal mbak Jhanty! 🙂

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