We are what we think we are

January 27, 2010

If you call yourself ugly, then you’ll look ugly. If you call yourself stupid, then you’ll be stupid. Finally, people will see you as a stupid-ugly person. How more unfortunate you will be.

Respect yourself first, then people will respect you. Love yourself first, then you can love others and be loved in return.


4 Responses to “We are what we think we are”

  1. marwan limantara said

    setujuh! ya aku salut ama kamu, biar cantiknya pas2an tapi tetap pede aja dimana saja dan sama siapa aja hahahahaha

  2. desde-mona said

    Woek, trust me, being ugly is not the end of the world kok! Ga usah minder gt lah =p

  3. hear hear! A good thought!

  4. Andreina said

    jhanty selalu deh, sukanya minder… x[

    to marwan dan monce :lu berdua bener-bener kagak ngebantu temen yg lagi DOWN ya? hahaha…

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